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*MYYTY!* Shimano XT - takavaihtaja 9-speed ( RD-M772 malli)


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Myydään hyväkuntoinen Shimano XT-takavaihtaja.9-speed.

Ostajalle postit.

Tietoja vaihtajasta:

As Mountain Bikes continue to become more diverse, components must evolve. Deore XT addresses the needs of today's riders just like it did when it was first introduced back in 1982 as the world's first MTB group. Revolutionary new designs like the Shimano Shadow rear derailleur complement the the latest evolution of traditional designs to give you the right choice for your riding style.

Shimano Shadow rear derailleur: low profile design intended for more aggressive riding. Quiet: will not contact chain stay. Super low profile design carries many benefits. Because of its low profile and single tension construction = no hitting chain stay in rough conditions.The result is smooth and silent performance.

• Model Number - RD-M772-GS / RD-M772-SGS

• Series - Deore XT

• Shifting Action - Top Normal (Conventional) Shadow

• Maximum Sprocket - 34T

• Minimum Sprocket - 11T

• Front Difference - 22T maximum

• Total Capacity - 33T (GS) / 45T (SGS)

• Guide Pulley - sealed ceramic bushing

• Tension Pulley - sealed bearing

• Average Weight - 227g

KUVA: http://www.huuto.net/kohteet/shimano-xt ... ?published

H: 35 €

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