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* MYYTY ! * Lizard Skins Northshore - lukkogripit


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Myydään hyväkuntoiset Lizars Skins Northshore - lukkogripit.

Ostajalle postit.

Tietoja gripeistä:

Lizard Skins North Shore Lock-on Grips Bonus Pack: Our lock-on grips are manufactured here in the USA by ODI. Their patented design restricts unwanted movement, maximizing the rider’s control and comfort. All Lizard Skins lock-on grips are compatible with ODI clamps. Available in black only. Comes in a bonus pack, which includes grips and clamps. This is our newest lock-on grips. This grip is great for people with large hands.

Key Information

• size: 130mm

• clamp color: black or silver

• model: North Shore Lock-On

• grip color: black

KUVA: http://www.huuto.net/kohteet/lizars-ski ... ?published

H: 10 €

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