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Käyttäjän Tripticon75 kaikki viestit

  1. Myydään erittäin siistikuntoinen ja keväällä huollettu Foxin RL 32 120mm keula. Ollut keväästä asti huollon jälkeen hyllyssä uutta projektia odottamassa jota ei koskaan tullutkaan. PM-kiinnitys levyjarrulle ja QR (9mm) akselille. Kaulaputkea 17.7mm paino nykytilassa 1.62 kg joten kevyt keula kyseessä. Liukuputket erittäin siistissä kunnossa. KUVA 1: http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/9850771/ KUVA 2: http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/9850776/ KUVA 3: http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/9850777/ KUVA 4: http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/9850779/ KUVA 5: http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/9850780/ KUVA 6: http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/9850781/ MYYTY Privaan tai mailiin: [email protected]
  2. Tripticon75


    Myydään uusi ja ajamaton RaceFace Evolve XC 44T musta eturatas. Paino vain 90gr. 4-pulttikiinnitys. KUVA: http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/9850069/ MYYTY Privaan tai mailiin: [email protected]
  3. Terve! Tarvisin Leftin XT:n etuvaihtajan liipasimen mustana.Osuuklo kohdille? YT Tuure L.
  4. Tripticon75


    Myydään erittäin vähän ajetut Continentalin Race Folding 2.2 - huippu kumit.Renkaita 2 kpl Tiedot kumista: Continental Race King Folding Tyre The Continental Race King Folding Tyre is ready for rough technical trails. With Protection to defend against rocks and snakebites and Black Chili to provide grip when it gets fast and technical. The profile and casing have changed. The generous volume allows the King to roll swiftly and provides loads of traction and direct steering response. In fast corners the outer lugs are ramped to provide support that even in the most adverse conditions provide security. XC racers can also benefit from these attributes. Rough and wet XC courses are the application that the Mountain King II 2.2 with the tubeless ready ProTection carcass is exactly tailored to and where it provides the necessary grip for extreme conditions. A fourth 'floating' belt in the tyre casing from bead to bead provides the anti-snakebite and anti-thorn protection that UK riders demand.. Continental Race King Folding Tyre Features: Fast rolling XC dry conditions tyre From only 430g in it's two inch guise, the Race King is our lightweight flyer World Championships winning tyre of the Topeak-Ergon UCI team Wide variety of sizes & options 26x2.0 - 520 g 26x2.2 - 570g Good for XC, Trail riding, All Mountain & Freeride Continental Race King Folding Tyre Technologies: ProTection - ProTection stands for puncture protection for our MTB tyres. These tyres are particularly robust and impervious to damage from rocks and foreign objects. The casings are built to ensure a sturdy sidewall using a puncture protection insert that is added in between the standard casing layers. This polyamide fabric has a higher more dense weave which boosts tyre strength. This fabric and the rubber in the sidewall protects directly against snakebites and so replaces Duraskin which is utilized better in road tyres. ProTection - High Tech appearance. The external appearance has also changed. Instead of the typical Duraskin brown casing, the new ProTection tyres now come entirely in black with a continuous flag design. RaceSport - RaceSport technology, developed in close cooperation with professional MTB racers, like the Topeak Ergon UCI team, continues to use a consistent light construction, but offers significantly more puncture protection enabling more universal applications. RaceSport technology offers the perfect symbiosis of lightness and puncture prevention. Black Chili - Black Chili is the name for our latest tyre compound which hit the market in 2007 and has fast become a hit with cyclists across the world who have marvelled at its performance beneifits. The fact is that Black Chili will improve our tyres performance in all areas. We can even make a tyre to last longer, yet also grip better and roll faster! The figures are astounding; 26% lower rolling resistance, 30% higher grip, and even 5% longer mileage. Black Chili is only made at our factory in Korbach, Germany. No other tyre facility in the world has access to its secrets. Black Chlli is a new tread mixture, the result of the latest research from our polymer and raw material laboratories in Hanover, Germany. Continental AG refined newly developed synthetic rubbers with proven natural rubber with powerful profile blends. These are 'nano' sized soot particles, who's surface properties are optimized for use in bicycle tyres. These smaller particles enable the tyre tread to deform around surface objects more quickly, improving grip. They also form a tighter bond with each other thus improving compound strength for improved tread life and less chance for lugs to rip and tear on our MTB tyres. The way in which these particles interact with each other also lowers rolling resistance. These new polymers and carbon fillers make Continental racing and mountain bike tyres the quickest and safest tyres in competition! Compared to the previous leading Continental tyre compound, the Activated Silica (ASC) tyres, Black Chilli offers a 26% lower rolling resistance, a 30% increase in adhesion quality, and a 5% increase in tread life. For road racers and MTB trail riders, the speed and handling advantage is clearly noticeable! Supersonic - Supersonic guarantees the ultimate speed experience. The Supersonic product line for racing bikes and MTB's are the ultiamate speed weapon - faster in the road race, in time trials or cross country races. Each Supersonic product is optimised because of extremely low weight and reduced rolling friction. All elements of the Supersonic tyres and tubes are limited to the absolute minimum technically necessary. KUVA: http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/9823714/ MYYTY Privaan tai mailiin: [email protected]
  5. Myydään siistikuntoiset ja kevyet Shimano XT M770 - kammet + XT keskiölaakeri. Kampien pituus 175mm ja 3:lla rattaalla. Tietoja: •Hollowtech II crank arms offer unrivalled strength to weight ratio •SG-X chainrings offer a precise gear shift and are compatible with HyperGlide Chains and cassettes. •Rigidity and hardness increased with an advanced design due to more separated bearings and wide axis •9 speed chainrings with ratio 44/32/22 •Supplied with bottom bracket bearings suitable for shell sizes 68 and 73mm •Weight: 853 gr for the M770 in 175mm •Please Note: BB included •68/73mm BB Shell Kammet + keskiö siistissä kunnossa. KUVA 1: http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/9767674/ KUVA 2: http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/9767675/ KUVA 3: http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/9767679/ KUVA 4: http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/9767681/ KUVA 5: http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/9767682/ MYYTY Privaan tai mailiin.
  6. Myydään uusi ja ajamaton Sram X7 takavaihtaja hiilikuitu grafiikoilla. 9-vaihteinen ja medium - häkki. KUVA: http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/9741178/ Sama kuin kuvassa mutta 9-vaihteinen. MYYTY Privaan tai mailiin: [email protected]
  7. Myydään uudet,ajamattomat valkoiset Mountainpeak flätti - polkimet. Saatavílla: 0 paria KUVA: http://www.pinkbike.com/photo/9740569/ H: 25 € + postit Privaan tai mailiin: [email protected]
  8. Ostetaan laadukas ja toimiva etuvaihtajan vaihdevipu. (3x9 speed) Värin täytyy olla musta ja vasenkätinen.Mielellään XT. Tarjoa mielellään kuvien kera YV:nä tai mailiin: [email protected]
  9. Tripticon75

    MYYTY !

    Myydään 2 kpl uusia paketissa olevia Nokian 24" DH-sisäkumeja. MYYTY Privaan,kiitos.
  10. Ostetaan toimiva ja laadukas valkoinen keula XC-ajoon.Joustoa 100-120mm.Sekä 9mm että 20mm käyvät. 1 1/8 kaulaputkelle. Lisäksi hakusessa kiekkosetti XC/All Mountain ajoon. Väritys mielellään valkoinen tai punainen (esim.Easton,Fulcrum ym..) Takakiekko 135mm/9mm/10mm ja etukiekko saa olla joko QR 9mm tai 20mm akselille. 6-pultti levykiinnityksillä. Tarjoa kuvien kera privaan tai mailiin: [email protected]
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