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VDO M2 ajotietokone, Helsinki

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Brand: VDO

Model: M2

Short description: ajotietokone


Description: VDO M2 bike computer wired. Langallinen perusmittari. Patteri on tästä loppu, mutta muuten toimii niin kuin pitää. Mukana pinnoihin tuleva magneetti. Ovh reilut pari kymppiä.

Tarkat speksit:
he VDO M1.1 focuses on the essential bike functions and displays two of them permanently. This enables users to keep a constant eye on all the important functions and features.

The best choice for those who like to keep things simple.

Bike functions

Speed 199 kmh/124 mph
Trip distance to 999,99 KM/M
Ride time 99:59:59 HH:MM:SS
Time 12H-AM/PM-24H
Total distance 99.999 KM/M
Average (decimal places) 1
Max. speed (decimal places) 1
Clock 9.999:59 HHHH:MM
Speed comparison


Speed transmission
Wired (WR) / A1 Analogue wireless (WL)
Automatic start/stop
Up to 2 h break
Computer low battery warning
Data storage during battery change (data + settings)
Full text display

Technical specifications

Computer: Approx. 49 H x 38 W x 16 D mm
Display:H approx. 39 mm, W approx. 29 mm
Computer weight:Approx. 28 g
Handlebar bracket weight:Approx. 10 g
Speed transmitter weight:Approx. 20 g
Computer battery: 3V, type 2032
Computer battery service life:Approx. 1 year (approx. 10,000 km/6,000 mi)
Speed transmitter battery:3 V, type 2032
Speed transmitter battery life: Approx. 1.5 years (approx. 15,000 km/9,000 mi)
Wireless transmission ranges:Speed transmitter: 75 cm
Temperature indicator range on the display: -20°C to +70°C/-4°F to +158°F
Speed range for wheel size 2,155 mm:Min 2.5 kmh,Max 199 km/h
Ride time measurement range: Up to 99:59:59 HH:MM:SS.
Trip distance odometer measurement range: Up to value 999.99 km or mi
Total km measurement range: Up to value 99,999 km or mi
Wheel circumference setting range: From 100 mm to 3999 mm (3.9 to 157.4 inches)


Price: 3€


City: Helsinki

Province: Uusimaa


Contact information: Yhteydet PMllä



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