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  1. Merkki: GZR Malli: Dual Wall Lyhyt kuvaus: pyöräteline kahdelle pyörälle Kuvaus: Tyylikäs ja käytännöllinen lattiaa ja seinää vasten tuleva teline. Seisoo omalla painollaan ja sen voi varmistaa seinään kahdelle max 18 kg painavalle pyörälle maksimikorkeus 320 cm kätevät pikasäädöt Mitat: 75 x 53,5 x 183 cm Kuljetusta varten saa pienemmiksi osiksi Hinta: 40 Paikkakunta: Vantaa Maakunta: Uusimaa Yhteystiedot: Yv
  2. Merkki: Diadora Malli: X Votrex comp spd mtb kengät Lyhyt kuvaus: Uudet Mtb kengät, koko 44 Kuvaus: Uudet mtb kengät, koko 44. Käsittääkseni pientä kokoa. Pohjallisen pituus 28cm. Speksit: Diadora X Vortex Comp MTB SPD Shoes Diadora's X Vortex-Comp Shoes are for cyclists who demand a lot from their shoes while out on the trail. The carbon reinforced Speed MTB KR sole has a respectable stiffness index of 8 out of 12 which means it helps prevent vibrations to your feet. The shoes feature Diadora's Suprell-Tech Morpho AM Cage technology which are the same uppers found on the company's top-of-the-range road shoes. Inside the upper, the EVA insert is perforated to further promote breathability and are removable, so you can optimise your level of arch support to your own foot shape. The moulded, abrasion-resistant Duratech heel cup prevents foot slippage and is also removable if needed. The closure system incorporates a Boa® wire system and two hook-and-loop straps. These wires let you fine-tune the fit across the top of your foot, where most of the pressure is applied to the upper, and the hook-and-loop straps let you adjust the pressure as needed on your mid-foot and metatarsal area. Anyone who has experienced hot spots in the toe box will appreciate this variable approach, as it lets you customise the shoe's fit across your foot. Features: Closure: 1 BOA® technology system, 2 Velcro straps, dual ring closure Sole: Speed MTB KR - Carbon reinforced sole Insole: Hi-Vent, perforated EVA, removable Stiffness Index: 8.0 Fitting: Race fit Heel Cup: Inside ergonomic heel support Upper: Suprell-Tech, Morpho A.M. Cage Weight: 325gr Technologies BOA®: Glove-Like Fit: Boa® provides custom comfort with smooth, even closure and no pressure point. Secure: Boa® laces have superior power transfer through the entire pedal stroke. Micro-Adjustability: The high-precision Boa® reel allows the cyclist to achieve perfect shoe tension. On The Fly: Simply reach down and dial in the perfect fit with a few clicks of the Boa® dial. Lightweight: The Boa® closure system weighs substantially less than other cycling shoe closures. Breathability: Free of straps, cyclists enjoy greater air circulation across the top of the foot. Morpho A.M. Cage: The construction of Morpho A.M. Cage upper, made from anti-stretch Air Mesh and Supreltech microfibre ensures perfect closure and increases foot stability during thrust. Air Mesh fabric improves transpiration and comfort to guarantee top performance. Plantare Hi Vent: Maximum ventilation and comfort in even in the most extreme weather conditions. 100% waterproof materials to keep the feet cool and dry. Four Points Closure: A functional and precise closure system. This buckle has an aluminium chassis and a large release button. 4 different adjustment positions offer outstanding performance and comfort for all kind of feet. Both the ratchet and the buckle can be replaced. MTB Multiped: Exclusive system designed by Diadora guaranteeing maximum stability on the pedals and improving power transmission during thrust. The nylon base protects the carbon sole, preventing it from coming into direct contact with the pedal. Buy Diadora Footwear from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World's Largest Online Bike Store. Hinta: 75 Paikkakunta: Vantaa Maakunta: Uusimaa Yhteystiedot: Yv
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