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    5. I have an x9 in silver.....
    6. I have a set of geax AKA in 29er,just come and get them in Laajasalo,free. have a b it of use,still plenty of tread left... PM me if interested. Ian.
    7. Kuvaus: 200x57mm Was a spare for my foxy,but never ended up needing it. Serviced and working well. Comes with 22.2x8mm reducers. Hintapyyntö: 50e Paikkakunta: Hki Yhteydenottotapa: message here.
    8. So this one...
    9. Pretty much..just waiting to hear back from the other guy.... Ill let you know if it falls through though, if thats ok?
    10. ok no worries
    11. I have a 200x57mm if that helps at all?.....
    12. Kuvaus: Kryptonite U-lock,all 3 keys and bike frame fitment included Hintapyyntö: 20e Paikkakunta: HKI Yhteydenottotapa: message here please..