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  1. So this one...
  2. Pretty much..just waiting to hear back from the other guy.... Ill let you know if it falls through though, if thats ok?
  3. I have a 200x57mm if that helps at all?.....
  4. Kuvaus: Kryptonite U-lock,all 3 keys and bike frame fitment included Hintapyyntö: 20e Paikkakunta: HKI Yhteydenottotapa: message here please..
  5. Kuvaus: recieved wrong interal piston,never got round to returning,outer post changed for 31.6mm. 380mmx125mm drop. Hintapyyntö: 20e kpl Paikkakunta: HKI Yhteydenottotapa: Message here please.
  6. Kuvaus: part of a clearout of parts, 1 flat bar, 1 riser... Both 25.4mm clamp Hintapyyntö: 10e for both Paikkakunta: hki Yhteydenottotapa: message here please
  7. Kuvaus: having a clearout of used/un-needed parts. Hintapyyntö: 5e kpl - 20e for the xt set (XT SET RESERVED 23/4/17) Paikkakunta: Hki Yhteydenottotapa: message here please
  8. Sorry man,sold them a while back.
  9. Kuvaus: been sitting about unused for a while now,using instead the direct mount. Unridden(no bolts) Hintapyyntö: 40e Paikkakunta: HkI Yhteydenottotapa: message here please.
  10. sure thing, are you about say,tomorrow for instance?
  11. Kuvaus: from an unfinished DH project, PG1070 11-28t cassette. Fitted but never ridden,as I use the trail bike a lot more now... Will throw in a chain also(no quick link) Hintapyyntö: 30e Paikkakunta: HKi Yhteydenottotapa: message here please
  12. I have a black PRO stem at 50mm on the commuter at the moment,but I need a longer one anyways. 20€
  13. Kuvaus: was for a project but decided to go 27.5 and throw a suspension fork on.. Few scratches from general use, nothing big. Comes with expander,carbon top cap and carbon spacers. QR fitment and disc only. 1 1/8th steerer. ( about 17.5cm ) Hintapyyntö: 120 Paikkakunta: HKI Yhteydenottotapa: message here please.